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  • Condensed Implant Program
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Condensed Implant Program

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Course Overview

Condensed Implant Program :

👉 Cbct Part with Dr.Mahmoud Badry

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology specialist
-B.Sc. Ain Shams University
-M.Sc. Oral Radiology Ain Shams University
-Ph.D. Researcher Cairo university

➡️ Day 1 : (6 Oct )

Introduction to CBCT and revolutionized
Basic knowledge of CBCT interpretation.
(how to read CBCT?!)
Basic knowledge of CBCT applications
(how to use CBCT software?)
Vital structure tracing.
Implant treatment planning.
Introduction to guided surgery and
prosthetic driven implantology

➡️ Day 2 : (7 Oct )

Implant Planning :
Step by step from case selection to
surgical guide fabrication.
When to request a CBCT scan for your
patient and how to judge it.
How can you manipulate data acquired
from any CBCT machine and customize
it upon your practice.
To improve skills and quality of work and
provide opportunity to deliver enhanced
professional care.
Acquire sufficient knowledge about
CBCT technology and digital dentistry
Introduction into surgical guides

👉Surgical Part with Prof.Ashraf Fathy

Chairman of Oral Surgery Dep. at MUST University
Former Chairman of Oral Surgery Dep. at Minia University
FDS,RCS from Edinburgh,UK

➡️ Day 3 : (8 Oct )

Introduction to dental implantology
Implant materials, designs & armamentarium
Implants & medically compromised patients
Workshop : implant insertion

➡️ Day 4 : (13 Oct )

Surgical basics for implantologists
Incisions, flap design & elevation
Atraumatic extraction, peristomes & elevators
Antibiotics & analgesics
Workshop: Suturing techniques

➡️ Day 5 : (14 Oct )

Immediate implants
Ridge augmentation,
Bone biology & physiology for grafting techniques
Types of bone grafting
PRF & membranes
Sinus lifting
sausage technique
Khoury technique

👉Perio Part with Dr.Abdallah Matr

BsC,MsC,PhD Perio

Assistant lecturer of Implantology & Periodontology at MSA University

➡️ Day 6 : ( 15 Oct )

Hard tissue management in implant
dentistry :
Different situations indicated for grafting.
Types of barrier membranes.
Types of bone grafts.
Growth factors role in implant dentistry.
Biological concepts of bone grafting.
Different techniques for ridge
Socket preservation

➡️ Day 7 : (20 Oct )

Soft tissue management in implant
dentistry :
One stage vs two stage surgery.
Types of flaps.
Different flap design in second stage
Different suturing techniques and

> Prosthetic Part and aestheics part with Dr.Mostafa Nour


Lecturer at fixed prosthodontics at Ain shmas University

➡️ Day 8 : ( 26 Oct )

Introduction to implant prosthetics.
Prosthetic considerations.
Prosthetic Challenges and 3D
Prosthetic. Implant positioning.
Prosthetic driven implantology.
Implant Prosthetic Loading Protocols.
Implant prosthetic components
(Analogue workflow).
Healing abutment (importance, how to
Customized healing abutment value
and how to perform.
Implant impression technique (closed
tray-open tray-closed/open).
Lab Processing and Soft tissue Models.

➡️ Day 9 (27 Oct ) :

Verification Jig ( value and how to perform).
Implant abutment connections (External vs
internal connections).
Implant abutment solutions
Custom made Implant abutments.
Different abutment materials.
Implant prosthetic materials
(Ceramics-hybrid ceramics-high
performance polymers -combination)
Screw retained And screw mentable
implant supported restorations
Cement retained implant supported
restorations (merits -demerits-types of
Implant Protected Occlusion and Occlusal
Impact of Digital technology in Implant

➡️Day 10 , 11 , 12 : (28,29,30 Oct)

Clinical Live Demo and Clinical Cases

Course Dates : from 6 to 30 Oct

Early bird ends at 20 Sep

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Ashraf Fathy

  • 0 Hours
  • 2 Lectures

Chairman of Oral Surgery Dep. at MUST University, Minya university  FDS,RCS, Edinburgh,UK



$ 520

Course Features

  • Lectures:2
  • Duration:0 Hours
  • Categroy: OnGround Courses
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